Projects / Arnon Grunberg: Voor het nageslacht

Voor het Nageslacht / For Posterity (1998)

lithography: Sam Drukker
text: Arnon Grunberg
printend by: Steendrukkerij Amsterdam
36 editions in Dutch, 36 editions in English
signed bij Arnon Grunberg and Sam Drukker
size 30 x 40 cm

The portfolio ‘For Posterity’ contains 10 lithographs by Sam Drukker and text in 10 parts by Arnon Grunberg.
The text and lithographs were printed on Bfk Rives 250g/m2.
The edition consists of 36 copies in Dutch and 36 copies in English plus 7 copies with roman numerals.
‘For Posterity’ was printed and published by Steendrukkerij Amsterdam B.V. in association with the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam, 1998/nisan 5758